Orion (Series 3)

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Orion:  The Scourge of Apokolips

Series:  3 (1986)


Powers:  Orion is Darkseid’s son and half-brother to Kalibak.  He turned against his father’s evil ways to fight on the side of justice.  Orion wields astro-force, an energy beam of tremendous power, and bears a computer-like device whose rays disguise his true face, the visage of one born on Apokolips.

Weaknesses:  Although Orion is greater than mortal, he can be defeated in battle by a stronger warrior, or injured by conventional weaponry.

Enemies:  Darkseid and his minions of Apokolips

Secret Identity:  When travelling on Earth, Orion has used the alias “O’Ryan”

Power Action:  Astro Punch.  Face Flips from Good to Bad.


Loose Figure Photos:

(Photos: Ken Rohlf)

Cardback Variations:

Kenner US 33-Back, Offerless orion_us_ orion_us_back
Kenner Canada 33-Back, Offerless orion_canada_ orion_canada_back
Kenner Canada 33-Back, Offerless
Variation: Club De Kenner Stickers
orion_canada_clubdekenner orion_canada_clubdekenner_back