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Today is an interesting post on the exclusive mini-comics only found in the Super Powers Estrela line.

I plan to highlight everything Estrela related at some point, but at this time, I am excited as heck to finally have a copy in my collection each of the three mini-comics that were only produced and included in the Estrela Super Powers line.  These mini-comics went with the Plastic-man, Cyborg, and Shazam Estrela figures.  As you are probably are aware, these figures were a part of Kenner’s third wave, which did not have mini-comics included in their distribution.

What makes me super excited to have them is two fold, A.) They are very rare, B.) They are examples of what the mini-comics for these figures might have looked like if Kenner included mini-comics with the 3rd series characters.  There are many ramblings across the internet that these were created by Kenner and were initially intended to be a part of the third wave, however due to production cost cutting, Kenner scrapped the idea of mini-comics with the third wave.  Since Estrela figures were produced and distributed at the later end and after the Kenner run, it has been postulated that the Plasticman, Cyborg, and Shazam mini-comics  were left over from the Kenner designs and given to Estrela for their use of the Super Powers license in Brazil.  I am really happy Estrela did distribute these figures and their comics, and it makes me wonder and hope that somewhere out there, there are some pre-poduction items relating to the other 3rd series characters’ mini-comics as well.

Below are pictures of the three mini-comics and all their pages for your enjoyment.  As you can see, the artwork is in line with the style of the other Kenner mini-comics artwork, which helps support the idea that they were left over from Kenner designs.  I do not speak Portuguese, so please dont ask what the storylines are!

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Plastic Man






If you in the foreign collecting field and are looking for these mini-comics, you are in for quite the hunt.  The Plasticman comic appears to be the most common of the three, and currently exists in several collections that I know of, and shows up on Ebay a few times a year.  Both Cyborg and Shazam mini-comics are extremely rare, and in my opinion the Shazam comic is the rarer one.  Lucky for us, there are a few Brazilian eBayers that post Estrela items from time to time, so if you are patient, I’m sure more will pop up in the future.

Happy hunting and hope you enjoyed!