Toy Shield Protective Cases – Perfect Fit!

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Holy figure protection, Batman!  Toy Shield features the only non-acrylic exact fit protective cases available for Super Powers action figures.  They stand straight up when placed on a shelf, have a hang tab for wall mounting, feature a full front window that won’t distort your card art or logo, and they’re much cheaper than the competitors not-exact-fit cases.

Did I mention, they look great?



Did I also mention, they’re fully stackable?



There are 2 places you can purchase these cases:

  1.  Online at: – Be sure to check out their full selection of protective cases for other action figure lines!
    For product updates and announcements be sure to check out their Facebook at:
  2.  In person at Vintage Toy Mall in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.
    Vintage Toy Mall
    530 S Elm Place
    Broken Arrow, OK 74012


ACE Review did a review on these cases for a closer look!