Samurai (Series 3)

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Samurai:  Lord of the Winds

Series:  3 (1986)


Powers:  Samurai’s bracelets give him control over the winds.  He can summon great cyclonic storms with a simple hand gesture, and fire tremendous blasts of air from his fists.  Samurai can envelope his lower torso in a tornado and fly.  He can turn invisible, and is a master of the martial arts.

Weaknesses:  Samurai is mortal.  Without his bracelets, he is an ordinary human.

Enemies:  Darkseid and his minions of Apokolips

Secret Identity:  Toshio Eto

Power Action:  Gale-Force Spin


Loose Figure Photos:

(Photos: Ken Rohlf)


Cardback Variations:

Kenner US 33-Back, Offerless samurai_us_ samurai_us_back
Kenner Canada 33-Back, Offerless samurai_canada_ samurai_canada_back