Tyr (Series 3)

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Tyr:  The Merciless Mercenary

Series:  3 (1986)


Powers:  Tyr’s biomechanical right arm ends in a complex gun with its own computerized intelligence.  It is capable of firing energy bolts and projecting a field wide enough to envelop a skyscraper.  The gun can separate itself from Tyr and travel under its own power.  If the gun is worn by anyone else, it can overcome the wearer’s will, making the person its slave.

Weaknesses:  Tyr is mortal.  If he is separated from the gun, he can be more easily defeated.

Enemies:  The Heroes of Earth

Secret Identity:  None

Power Action:  Rocket Launch


Loose Figure Photos:

(Photos: Ken Rohlf)


Cardback Variations:

Kenner US 33-Back, Offerless tyr_us_ tyr_us_back
Kenner Canada 33-Back, Offerless tyr_canada_ tyr_canada_back