El Capitan Rayo (aka Captain Ray) by Gulliver

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El Capitan Rayo:  The Master of Energy

Exclusively for Gulliver line in Colombia, 1987


Powers:  He is able to manage storms, directing lightning by will.  He can create and send off bolts of lightning.  He flies and accumulates solar, electric, or nuclear energy.

Weaknesses:  Mortal.  Needs a constant supply of energy.

Enemies:  Captain Squad, Tigerwoman, LX230 (not in bio card, enemy of the Gulliver created Abominable Snowman)

Secret Identity:  Francisco D’ardoine


Loose Figure Variations:

Cardback Variations:

Gulliver (Colombia) elcapitanrayo_gulliver elcapitanrayo_gulliver_back