Prototype Gallery



Aquaman (Series 1)

Batman (Series 1)

batmanfirstshot batmanfirstshotback
Batman First Shot
Features:  Different cape loop and cape.  No date stamps.  Darker blue head, more defined face color.  Right leg articulation does not bend from incorrect plastic cut.
Collection of: Rasoul


Batman First Shot head
Features:  Grey Color
Collection of: Rasoul


Batman First Shot Head
Features:  Pink Color
Collection of: Steve N


Brainiac (Series 1)

brainiacfsbrainsteve2 brainiacfsbrainsteve
Brainiac First Shot Brain Cover
Features:  Marked number “1”
Collection of: Steve N


Clark Kent (Series 2 Mail-In Offer)


Cyborg (Series 3)

cyborgfirstshot cyborgfirstshotback cyborgfirstshotback2
Cyborg First Shot
Features:  No date stamp on leg, brown parts appear hand painted but unconfirmed.
Collection of: Rasoul


Cyclotron (Series 3)


Darkseid (Series 2)

darkseidprototypeclear darkseidprototypeclear2
Darkseid Prototype with First Shot medallion
Features:  All clear parts, no sonic welds.  Parts held together for display by clear rubber bands, wire, and removable glue dots and clear tape.
Collection of: Rasoul
Features:  Non-production color face
Collection of: Rasoul


image1 (1)image2 (1)image3 (1)
Darkseid First Shot Head and Pendant
Collection of: Steve N


DeSaad (Series 2)


Dr. Fate (Series 2)


Firestorm (Series 2)


Flash (Series 1)

flashhead flashhead1 flashhead2
Flash First Shot Head
Collection of: Steve N


Flash Engineering Pilot
Features: Partially painted, notes written on chest in ink, “EP 7/23/84” “HK Legs”
Collection of: Rasoul


Golden Pharaoh (Series 3)


Green Arrow (Series 2)

steve_greenarrow_firstshot steve_greenarrow_firstshot_back
Green Arrow First Shot
Features:  Non-production Colors
Collection of: Steve N

Green Lantern (Series 1)


Hawkman (Series 1)

hawkmanfssteve2 hawkmanfssteve
Hawkman First Shot
Features:  Non-production colors, working power mechanism
Collection of: Steve N


Joker (Series 1)

Joker First Shot Head
Collection of: Rasoul


Joker First Shot Heads
Collection of: Steve N


jokerfirstshot jokerfirstshot2jokerfirstshot3
Joker First Shot
Features: He has a non-production tab on his head and no power action. He’s heavier than a production Joker, has footholes and no coo/date stamp.
Collection of: Daniel Kuzila


Kalibak (Series 2)


Lex Luthor (Series 1)

Lex Luthor First Shot
Features: Pink is a lighter color than production.
Collection of: Rasoul


image1 (2)image2 (2)image3 (2)
Lex Luthor Armor Hardcopy
Collection of: Steve N


Lex Luthor First Shot head
Collection of: Rasoul


Mantis (Series 2)


Martian Manhunter (Series 2)


Mr Freeze (Series 3)

mrfreezefirstshot mrfreezefirstshotback
Mr Freeze First Shot
Features:  No date stamp on leg
Collection of: Rasoul


Mr Miracle (Series 3)


Orion (Series 3)


Parademon (Series 2)

Parademon First Shot Head
Collection of: Rasoul


Penguin (Series 1)


Plastic Man (Series 3)


Red Tornado (Series 2)


Robin (Series 1)

Robin First Shot Head
Collection of: Rasoul


Samurai (Series 3)


Shazam (Series 3)

shazamheadsteve shazamheadsteve2
Shazam First Shot Head
Features:  Non-production white color
Collection of: Steve N


Steppenwolf (Series 2)


Superman (Series 1)

Superman First Shot Head
Collection of: Rasoul


supermanfirstshot supermanfirstshotback
Superman First Shot
Features:  No date stamps, unstitched cape, red/white arm pegs.
Collection of: Rasoul


Tyr (Series 3)


Wonder Woman (Series 1)

wwhead1 wwhead2
Wonder Woman First Shot Head
Features:  Early first shot prior to hair added to the sculpt at the figure’s shoulders..
Collection of: Steve N


Unreleased & Possible Series 4


Vehicles & Misc