Super Amigos Riddler (El Acertijo) of Argentina

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The Riddler:  The Enigmatic Looter

Series:  Exclusive to Argentina, via companies PlayFul and Pacipa, 1989

The Super Amigos line from Argentina released several characters under license that were previously released in the US as Kenner Super Powers.  What makes the Riddler unique is the lack of US counterpart, which makes this one of the most sought after pieces in the line.  Instead of making an original sculpt for the extra character, they simply repainted a Green Lantern figure, and gave him unique packaging art not available in any other country.


Powers:  His most powerful weapon is the placement of plots of deception (riddles/clues) and confusion that disorients pursuers.

Weaknesses: Whenever he commits a crime he leaves a clue in the form of a riddle which it is always discovered by Batman

Enemies:  Batman and Robin

Secret Identity:  Edward Nigma

Power Action:  Surprise Attack

Loose Figure Variations:

You can find the Riddler on both PlayFul and Pacipa branded cardbacks, both figures having slightly different paint variations between companies.  When identifying a loose Riddler (or the majority of Amigos for that matter), the easiest way to distinguish between a PlayFul and a Pacipa is the skin tone of the head.  Pacipa’s used flesh tone plastic to cast the figure and did not paint the flesh color on the face, whereas PlayFul did paint the face thus not having the semi-translucent appearance of the Pacipa face.  It is also very common to find some with different (or missing) question marks, especially on the legs, which makes it difficult to tell if a loose Riddler had question marks that have rubbed off over time or never had them at all.

Pacipa Riddler

(Photos:  Ken Rohlf)


Cardback Variations:

Pacipa Argentina “Super Amigos” riddler_pacipa_amigos_ riddler_pacipa_amigos_back
PlayFul Argentina “Super Amigos” riddler_playful_amigos_ riddler_playful_amigos_back


Factory Errors:

PlayFul Argentina “Super Amigos”
Variation: Riddler Cardback
riddler_playful_amigos_glmiscard riddler_playful_amigos_glmiscard_back
PlayFul Argentina “Super Amigos”
Variation: Joker Cardback
riddler_playful_amigos_jokermiscard riddler_playful_joker_miscard_back
PlayFul Argentina “Super Amigos”
Variation: Shazam Cardback
riddler_playful_amigos_shazammiscard riddler_playful_amigos_shazammiscard_back