Warner Bros VHS & Betamax Tapes


There were 4 different VHS and Beta tapes released in many different countries, including US, UK, Spain, Germany, Jordan, Yugoslavia, and likely others.  They featured Aquaman, Batman, Superboy, and Superman.  These videos were not created for the Super Powers line, they were collections of cartoons that were already available but put into a set and marketed using the Super Powers branding.  It is very likely because of the lack of new production material that Wonder Woman was not included in the set, and instead used Superboy who was not previously a part of the Super Powers collection.

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US Release VHS Tapes


Batman Features 2 versions of US packaging.

vhsbatmancompare vhsbatmancompare-back


US Release Betamax Tapes

usbetamax2 usbetamax1 usbetamax3 usbetamax4 usbetamax5


UK Exclusive (PAL) Box Set


vhs_uk_boxset1 vhs_uk_boxset2


Spain Released “Super Poderes” Betamax Tapes

spainbetamax1 spainbetamax2 spainbetamax3 spainbetamax4 spainbetamax5


Alternate package UK release & Jordan Release Tapes (PAL)

ukjordanvhs ukjordanvhs2