Warner Bros VHS & Betamax Promo Items


For info on the tapes themselves, see the Wiki page: Warner Bros VHS & Betamax Tapes

Warner Bros had several items used for promoting their video line, including posters, a shelf display, and a cardboard standup.  To promote the items to retailers, they distributed a “Summer Fun” pack that showed which displays were available and give additional info on the Super Powers VHS line (and included a promo for Superman Movies as well)

vhs4vhs1 vhs2 vhs3

vhs11 vhs10 vhs9


The folder itself unfolds into a 3D counter-top display


vhs7 vhs6 vhs5


The VHS Standee stands over 5 ft tall and features Aquaman, Batman, Superboy, and Superman

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There are a few different styles and sizes of posters found, as well as foreign countries such as Argentina and Germany.

vhsyellowposter postervhspromous

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