Probably one of the most famous, this poster was given away for Free as part of the “Free Poster Offer”


Below is a printers proof sheet used in the production process of the poster.



This poster from 1984 was thought to be a Fan Club exclusive, but I haven’t been able to confirm this rumor.  It is very rare, and usually fetches a premium.  This is full poster size of 27″x40″



Another group poster, measuring 27″x40″.  The origins of this poster are unknown, also dated 1984 but there are also suspicions it’s a rare test print from the DC style guide posters created in 2005.  Still a very cool item either way, and the only one I’ve ever seen like it.  See also: Super Powers “vintage” poster prints – Beware!




The “Buy DC Comics Here” poster, “DC Heroes Role Playing Game” poster, and the comic Mini-Series poster, were all given to comic shops for promotional use.



Warner Bros VHS promotional posters were also found in several different languages and sizes.
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