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Promotional watch info.

Hello. Just found this site/forum. I have been looking for info on the promotional watch found on this page here :


I own the "higher quality" watch with the leather band featuring WonderWoman, Superman, Batman and Robin. This is the first image of it I have found on the internet. I was a member of the fan club but I want to say it was something I had mailed away proof of purchases for. It was such a long time ago I couldn't tell you for sure.

Has anyone come across these in the wild? Does anyone happen to know what they sell for? Loved this stuff as a kid and still have a few items remaining from those days including the mail away Clark Kent (Steppenwolf was destroyed long ago as he arrived in pieces). Thanks.


Thanks for the info.  Is it possible that was the "Free Watch Offer" in the ad on that same page?