Steppenwolf (Series 2)

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Steppenwolf:  Commander of the Dog Cavalry

Series:  2 (1985)


Powers:  As one of Darkseid’s most trusted agents, Steppenwolf commands the every action of the huge, vicious, canine army known as the Hounds of Hades.  In addition, Steppenwolf carries the Electro-Axe, a universally dreaded device that fires deadly Radion Bolts.

Weaknesses: Steppenwolf is not invulnerable.  He must recharge his Electro-Axe periodically.  If he fails to do this, he faces defeat by practically any hero.

Enemies:  The Heroes of Earth, The New Gods

Secret Identity:  None

Power Action:  Electro-Axe Chop


Steppenwolf was originally released as part of the “Free Figure Offer” promotion, as outlined in the Guide to Collecting Cardback Variations.  It came in a Kenner bag (shown below) packaged in a mailer with the Darkseid Saga Record

Loose Figure Photos:

Steppenwolf Baggie1Steppenwolf
(Photos: Ken Rohlf)


Cardback Variations:

Kenner US 23-Back, Fan Club Offer steppenwolf_us_23fco_ steppenwolf_us_23fco_ck_back
Kenner US 23-Back, Fan Club Offer w/Clark Kent Sticker steppenwolf_us_23fco_ck steppenwolf_us_23fco_back
Kenner US 33-Back, Offerless steppenwolf_us_33 steppenwolf_us_33_back
Kenner US 33-Back, Offerless
Variation: Club De Kenner Stickers
steppenwolf_us_clubdekenner steppenwolf_us_clubdekenner_back