Parademon (Series 2)

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Parademon:  Airborne Army of Apokolips

Series:  2 (1985)


Powers:  Although the Parademons of Apokolips wear protective armor and can fly, their true strength is in their numbers.  There are literally thousands of them, and, when acting together, they can overcome even the most powerful heroes.

Weaknesses:  Individual Parademons are vulnerable.  Together, they seldom attack in an organized fashion, hence, they can be defeated.

Enemies:  The Heroes of Earth, The New Gods

Secret Identity:  none

Power Action:  Battle Flight


Loose Figure Photos:

(Photos: Ken Rohlf)


Cardback Variations:

Kenner US 23-Back, Fan Club Offer “Free Comic Book” parademon_us_23fco_free parademon_us_23fco_free_back
Kenner US 23-Back, Fan Club Offer “Free Comic Book”
Variation: Palitoy Sticker
parademon_us_23fco_free_palitoy_ parademon_us_23fco_free_palitoy_back
Kenner US 23-Back, Fan Club Offer w/Clark Kent Sticker “Free Comic Book” parademon_us_23fco_freeck parademon_us_23fco_freeck_back
Kenner US 23-Back, Superman Cape Offer parademon_us_sco parademon_us_sco_back
Kenner US 33-Back, Offerless parademon_us_33 parademon_us_33_back
Kenner Canada 23-Back, Superman Cape Offer parademon_canada_ parademon_canada_back