Original Artwork of Unknown Origin


This gallery features artwork that looks to be Super Powers related, but the final product of where it was used can’t be determined.  If you recognize any of these items, please contact us with the Submit Revisions button on the left.

This mystery art was submitted by Steve N.  It’s original pencil and it says “action figure models” at the top of the page.  Any additional info on this art would be appreciated!


originalpencilmysteryart2 originalpencilmysteryart3

(Collection of:  Steve N)



This appears to be similar to the Stain Painting kits released by Craft Master and has the words “Paint-By-Number” at the top.  The only Stain Painting kits that were released were Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.  See also: Craft Master Stain Painting Sets

Any additional info on this art would be appreciated!