Giant Sized Coloring Books


Most of the Giant Sized Coloring Books featuring the Super Powers branding were re-releases from the late 70s.

giantcoloringbook3 giantcoloringbook2giantcoloringbooksecretoffrozencity

Robot Wreckers Photo:  James Gonzales

The example of the Brainiac coloring book below shows a coloring book that was later released with Super Powers branding, but photos are not available at this time.



Contributor James Gonzales submitted pics of the inside of the Robot Wrecker giant coloring book:

gcb_robotwreckers2 gcb_robotwreckers3 gcb_robotwreckers4 gcb_robotwreckers5 gcb_robotwreckers6 gcb_robotwreckers7 gcb_robotwreckers8 gcb_robotwreckers9 gcb_robotwreckers10 gcb_robotwreckers11 gcb_robotwreckers12 gcb_robotwreckers13 gcb_robotwreckers14 gcb_robotwreckers15 gcb_robotwreckers16 gcb_robotwreckers17