Estrela (Brazil)


In 1987 and 1988, the toy company Estrela released 2 waves of Super Powers figures.  This figure line is very high quality and very close to the US released figures especially when compared to the Super Amigos line from Argentina.  What’s unique about the Estrela line is the inclusion of Portuguese mini-comics with all figures, even the figures released in the US during series 3 where they did not include mini-comics.  The mini-comics for these characters (Cyborg, Plastic Man, and Shazam) are exclusive to Estrela/Brazil.

The following figures and vehicles were released from Estrela.

Wave 1:  Robin, Batman, Superman (Super-Homem), Hawkman (Gaviao Negro), Wonder Woman (Mulher Maravilha), Penguin (Pinguim), Joker (O Coringa), Aquaman, Brainiac, Flash

Wave 2:  Green Lantern (Lanterna Verde), Cyborg, Darkseid, Lex Luthor, Shazam, Green Arrow (Arqueiro Verde), Plastic Man (Homem Borracha)

Vehicles:  Batmobile (Batmovel), Supermobile (Supermovel), Delta Probe One (Super-Espaconave), Batcopter (Batcoptero)

estrelacyborgcomicbiocard estrelacyborgminicomicbioback







(Wonder Woman collection of: Kristin Smith)




The “Black” Batman

In 1989 when Tim Burton’s Batman film was hitting the US, as well as the “Gold Card” Toy Biz Batman action figure line, in Brazil Estrela released a similar style action figure to the US Toy Biz line but simply recycled (and repainted) the Estrela Batman from Super Powers.  This resulted in an action figure with the Super Powers Batman sculpt, but Toy Biz color scheme and packaging style.  While it’s not technically “Super Powers” in the way it was packaged and sold, since the figure itself is technically a repainted Super Powers Batman, it seems worth including in this list.