DC Comics Series


The Mini-Series ran 3 series running 15 total issues, found in a few countries like Australia (Federal Comics) and Italy.

United States:

uscomicminiseries01 uscomicminiseries02 uscomicminiseries03 uscomicminiseries04 uscomicminiseries05

uscomicminiseries06 uscomicminiseries07 uscomicminiseries08 uscomicminiseries09

uscomicminiseries10 uscomicminiseries11 uscomicminiseries12 uscomicminiseries13 uscomicminiseries14 uscomicminiseries15


An issue has also been spotted as part of a 2-pack from Cards One’s “Super Hero Comic Book Spectacular”

comic2pack comic2packback

Action Comics #544 gets “Honorable Mention” for being part of the Super Powers comic line, since this issue shows the first appearance of the new robotic Brainiac featured in the Super Powers line, as well as the new power suit for Lex Luthor.




A few examples of the Federal Comics issues from Australia.  Note the 2nd series first issue is referred to as issue #6 (instead of series 2 #1).

federalcomics2 federalcomics3 federalcomics6



In Italy the first mini-series was released in DC FLASH, a comic series that features different stories.  The covers feature the same (similar) artwork of the US releases.  Notice the artwork of Batman added to the cover where it wasn’t present in issue #2 of the US version.  Since each issue has 3 to 4 comic books in 1, the Super Powers first mini-series are split between 3 books.  The stories are translated to Italian.

First book contains Super Powers issue 1 and 2, as well as Brave and Bold 186.

dcflashcomic1and2 dcflashcomic1and2inside
The second book contains Super Powers 3 and 4, as well as Firestorm 16.

dcflashcomic3and4 dcflashcomic3and4inside


The third book contains Super Powers 5, as well as Firestorm 16, 17, and 18.

dcflashcomic5 dcflashcomic5inside



Brazil had a Super Powers branded series but the stories were not the same, and extended much further than just 15 issues and it did not use the same cover art as the other countries.