Collectors Carry Case (Series 1)


These Carry Cases came new sealed with a thin plastic band around the whole case, sealed by a sticker label (shown below).  They were printed with “VOL 1” on the spine, indicating intentions of future cases that were never made.  Two different versions of this case were made, one released in the US and one in Canada.  The artwork on the outside of the case is the same.  The US features two different comic stories, one on the inside front and inside back covers.  The Canadian version, however, has the same comic story on the front and back covers, but the back cover is in French.

The Collectors cases come with a sticker sheet, a guarantee sheet, 2 red plastic doors that cover weapons compartments, and enough figure holding spaces to fit the first wave of 12 figures.

collectorcasevol1_back collectorcasevol1


Inside the carry case. (Photos:  Ken Rohlf)
Carrying Case1 Carrying Case2


Shipping Box, held 6 cases each delivered to retailers