Burger King Toys, Cups, and Promo


Display banner, advertising the toys available in Burger King kids meals:  Aquaman bath toy, door shield, Superman coin, and a Batman toothbrush holder.




Window Cling advertisement



Employee button, 3″



Cup + Cup holder sets were available for Superman, Wonder Woman, Darkseid, and Batman.

The tabletop display below shows how they were advertised, they held the actual cups.

bkcupholder bkcupholderback


The figures came bagged without the cups, like shown below.

bkbaggedfigures2 bkbaggedfigures1

The figures and cups bagged together were considered surplus, and weren’t distributed to the stores like this and are quite rare.  Another rare oddity is the surplus cups that don’t come with the Burger King logo, as shown below.


The set shown below are bagged figure + cup and none have BK logos on the cup.

bksurplussupermanbksurpluswwbksurplusbatman bksurplusdarkseid

The cups and figures were all marked to indicate which figure went to which cup.  This order also indicates the order in which they were released.  Cup “A” is Superman.  “B” is Wonder Woman.  “C” is Darkseid.  “D” is Batman.  There is a way to tell at quick glance which cup belongs to which figure, and that is the texture of the cup.  Using photo editing software to darken the shadows on the cup, you can see the different textures in the picture shown below.



These 2-sided plastic translucite sheets were used in the overhead menus to advertise the cup promotions.  The larger size is shown below (approx 25″x27″)

bkgrabadventure bkgrabadventureback

A smaller version of this is also available, shown below.  (Photo:  Ken Rohlf)
Burger King Translucite small


The Meal Pack Dangler hung from the ceiling, showing off what each meal pack looks like, as they “dangle” from each side, as shown in the instruction sheet.

promobkmealpackmobile3 promobkmealpackmobile2 promobkmealpackmobile1


4 different meal packs, front and back.

promobkmealpack4a promobkmealpack4b

promobkmealpack3a promobkmealpack3b

promobkmealpack2a promobkmealpack2b

promobkmealpack1a promobkmealpack1b


There are 3 known mini-comics that were released as part of the Burger King Promo.  Darkseid being the 3rd released was short run compared to Superman and Wonder Woman, and speculation is the promo was cut short soon after the Darkseid comic was released which would explain the limited numbers as well as the lack of Batman comic.  These comics were simply re-releases of the comics that came with the figure, but instead of being numbered they added the BK logo to the top right corner.