Content Wishlist

The following is a list of items not yet on our site that we wish we had content to post. ¬†Obviously all posts without corresponding images or missing details in the content are at the top of the list, but here’s a more specific list for those that are looking for ways to contribute to the wiki.

  • Scans of inner pages of the coloring books (stuff people can reprint and color without coloring in the original books)
  • Records converted to MP3 (darkseid record, “kid stuff” records, etc)
  • The WB and Kid Stuff VHS tapes converted to MPG (or similar) format for online viewing for those of us who no longer have VCR’s
  • Pictures of prototypes and other pre-production material
  • Detailed comparison between Super Powers and Toy Biz DC figures.
  • A guide to collecting prototypes, or a blog about the different types or stages of preproduction
  • and of course IDEAS for additional items that belong on this wishlist or on the site itself
  • For those wanting to protect images with a watermark, you can use this free site to assist with image hosting and watermarks: ¬†Image Secure (

    For rare or unique items, it is recommended to watermark your images before submitting.