Nasta released 2 different watches on 3 different packages.  Batman (2 packaging versions) and Wonder Woman.

watchwonderwoman watchbatmangroup watchbatman

watch-batmanback watch-batman2back


This flyer promotes a Free Super Powers watch by sending in $2.99 for postage and a Proof of Purchase from any Super Powers item.  The actual watch is unknown unless it is the glass watch shown in the next photo, although the one in the ad looks like a red watch with a white face.



There is also a higher quality watch (metal, glass, leather) that has been found, but packaging and other info is unknown at this time.  It’s possible this was the “free watch” in the ad above.



Armitron “Kiss me I have Superpowers” (Modern release)

While this may not be a true vintage Super Powers piece, and arguably not even a “Super Powers” piece at all, it’s worth mentioning here not only because it’s a fun piece, but if nothing else to inform potential collectors that it’s not in fact a vintage release.