Robin (Series 1)

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Robin:  The Teen Wonder

Series:  1 (1984)


Powers:  Accomplished gymnast, martial arts skills, detective skills.  Has utility belt with crime-fighting equipment.

Weaknesses: Mortal

Enemies:  Joker, Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman, the Scarecrow, Two-Face

Secret Identity:  Dick Grayson

Power Action:  Karate Chop


Loose Figure Photos:

United States:

(Photos: Ken Rohlf)


Foreign Comparisons:

(Photos: Sean Faison)


Cardback Variations:

Kenner US 12-Back, Steppenwolf Figure Offer robin_us_fo robin_us_fo_back
Kenner US 12-Back, Poster Offer
Variation: Palitoy Sticker
robin_us_po robin_us_po_back
Kenner US 12-Back, Fan Club Offer robin_us_12fco_palitoy_ robin_us_12fco_palitoy_back
Kenner US 23-Back, Fan Club Offer “Free Comic Book” robin_us_23fco_free robin_us_23fco_free_back
Kenner US 23-Back, Fan Club Offer “See Comic Book” robin_us_23fco_see robin_us_23fco_see_back
Kenner US 23-Back, Fan Club Offer w/Clark Kent Sticker “See Comic Book” robin_us_23fco_ck_see robin_us_23fco_ck_see_back
Kenner US 23-Back, Superman Cape Offer Photo Needed
Kenner US 33-Back, Offerless robin_us_33 robin_us_33_back
Kenner Canada 12-Back, Free Poster Offer
Variation: Australia & New Zealand Sticker
robin_canada_po robin_canada_po_australia_back
Kenner Canada 12-Back, Free Figure Offer robin_canada_fo robin_canada_fo_back
Kenner Canada 8-Back, Slim Card
Shell Gas Station promo
robin_canada_small canada_all_small_back
Trilingual UK

Photo:  James Gonzales

uk_trilingual_robin uk_trilingual_robin_back
Trilingual UK, Free Poster Offer sticker robin_uk_trilingual robin_uk_trilingual_posteroffer_back
GMJ Spain Trilingual robin_gmj_spain_trilingual robin_gmj_spain_trilingual_back
Pacipa Argentina “Super Amigos” robin_pacipa_amigos_ robin_pacipa_amigos_back
PlayFul Argentina “Super Amigos” Photo Needed
Gulliver Colombia robin_gulliver_ robin_gulliver_back
Estrela Brazil robin_estrela_ robin_estrela_back
Lili Ledy Mexico robin_lilyledy_ robin_lilyledy_back



Factory Errors:

Pacipa Argentina “Super Amigos”
Variation: Black Cape
robin_pacipa_amigos_blackcape robin_pacipa_amigos_blackcape_back
PlayFul Argentina “Super Amigos”
Variation: Joker Miscard
robin_playful_amigos_jokermiscard robin_playful_amigos_jokermiscard_back
Gulliver Colombia
Variation: Superman Miscard
robin_gulliver_supermanmiscard robin_gulliver_supermanmiscard_back
Gulliver Colombia
Variation:  Wonder Woman Miscard
robin_gulliver_wwmiscard robin_gulliver_wwmiscard_back