Green Lantern (Series 1)

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Green Lantern:  The Emerald Gladiator

Series:  1 (1984)


Powers:  Power ring that can create, temporarily, any object he desires with his willpower.  The ring is also used as an offensive weapon.  The ring protects him from mortal harm as well: he cannot be killed.  The ring enables him to fly and survive in space, or even at the bottom of the ocean.

Weaknesses: The ring is powerless against the color yellow.  The ring must be recharged every 24 hours at his power battery.

Enemies:  Sinestro, Black Hand, Sonar, Hector Hammond, Dr. Polaris, Myrwhydden, Evil Star, Star Sapphire, the Weaponers of Qward, Goldface.

Secret Identity:  Hal Jordan

Power Action:  Ring Thrust


Loose Figure Photos:

Green LanternGreen Lantern1
Green Lantern2Green Lantern3
(Photos:  Ken Rohlf)

Cardback Variations:

Kenner US 12-Back, Steppenwolf Figure Offer greenarrow_us_fo greenlantern_us_fo_back
Kenner US 12-Back, Poster Offer greenlantern_us_po greenlantern_us_po_back
Kenner US 12-Back, Fan Club Offer
Variation: Palitoy Sticker
greenlantern_us_23fco_ greenlantern_us_12fco_palitoy_back
Kenner US 23-Back, Fan Club Offer greenlantern_us_12fco_palitoy_ greenlantern_23fco_back
Kenner US 23-Back, Fan Club Offer w/Clark Kent Sticker greenlantern_us_23fco_ck greenlantern_us_23fco_ck_back
Kenner US 23-Back, Superman Cape Offer greenlantern_us_sco greenlantern_us_sco_ck_back
Kenner US 23-Back, Superman Cape Offer w/Clark Kent Sticker greenlantern_us_sco_ck greenlantern_us_sco_back
Kenner Canada 12-Back, Free Poster Offer greenlantern_canada_po greenlantern_canada_po_back
Kenner Canada 12-Back, Free Figure Offer greenlantern_canada_fo greenlantern_canada_fo_back
Kenner Canada 8-Back, Slim Card
Shell Gas Station promo
greenlantern_canada_small canada_all_small_back
Kenner Canada 8-Back, Slim Card
Variation: Club De Kenner Sticker
Error: Superman Miscard
Trilingual UK, Free Poster Offer sticker greenlantern_uk_trilingual_posteroffer greenlantern_uk_trilingual_posteroffer_back
GMJ Spain “Super Poderes”  greenlantern_gmj_spain_ greenlantern_gmj_spain_back
Pacipa Argentina “Super Amigos” greenlantern_pacipa_amigos_ greenlantern_pacipa_amigos_back
PlayFul Argentina “Super Amigos” greenlantern_playful_amigos_ greenlantern_playful_amigos_back
Gulliver Colombia greenlantern_gulliver_ greenlantern_gulliver_back
Estrela Brazil greenlantern_estrela_ greenlantern_estrela_back


Factory Errors:

PlayFul “Super Amigos”
Error:  Joker Miscard
greenlantern_playful_amigos_jokermiscard greenlantern_playful_amigos_jokermiscard_back