Green Arrow (Series 2)

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Green Arrow:  The Emerald Archer

Series:  2 (1985)


Powers:  Green Arrow uses an arsenal of ingenious trick arrows in his war against crime.  These weapons, combined with his keen eyes and steady hands, make him feared by criminals everywhere.

Weaknesses: Green Arrow has no special powers.  Without arrows, he is vulnerable to attack.

Enemies:  The Clock King, The Earthworm

Secret Identity:  Oliver Queen

Power Action:  Archery Pull


Loose Figure Photos:

United States:

Green ArrowGreen Arrow1Green Arrow2Green Arrow3

Estrela (Brazil):

Green Arrow EstrelaGreen Arrow Estrela1Green Arrow Estrela2Green Arrow Estrela3


Cardback Variations:

Kenner US 23-Back, Fan Club Offer greenarrow_us_23fco_ greenarrow_us_23fco_back
Kenner US 23-Back, Fan Club Offer w/Clark Kent Sticker greenarrow_us_23fco_ck_back
Kenner US 23-Back, Superman Cape Offer greenarrow_us_sco greenarrow_us_sco_back
Kenner US 33-Back greenarrow_us_33 greenarrow_us_33_back
Kenner Canada 23-Back, Superman Cape Offer greenarrow_canada_ greenarrow_canada_back
Kenner Canada 23-Back, Superman Cape Offer
Variation:  Australia & New Zealand StickerAFA85, Collection of: Steve N
canada_greenarrow_australiasticker canada_greenarrow_australiasticker_back
Pacipa Argentina “Super Amigos” greenarrow_pacipa_amigos_ greenarrow_pacipa_back
PlayFul Argentina “Super Amigos” greenarrow_playful_amigos_2arrows greenarrow_playful_back
PlayFul Argentina “Super Amigos”
Variation: Different Bubble, 5 Arrows
greenarrow_playful_amigos_5arrows greenarrow_playful_amigos_5arrows_back
Estrela Brazil greenarrow_estrela_ greenarrow_estrela_back


Factory Errors:

Kenner US 23-Back, Fan Club Offer w/Clark Kent Sticker
Error:  Packaged without Bow or Arrows.  After a letter to Kenner, they sent separately, envelope and weapons shown.
greenarrow_us_23fco_cknoweapons greenarrow_weapons