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Custom figure gallery of Leroy Kersey

Great friend, great artist, missed by all that knew him.  I created a post about him here (link) to read more about him and his collection.

Leroy loved custom figures, in some instances knocked out one a day because he enjoyed the process and the outcomes, plus he was really good at it.  I created this thread as a tribute to his custom work.  I'll be adding to this gallery as his family sends me pictures of his custom pieces.  If you own items created by Leroy please post your own photos as well.

We'll kick it off with a few favorites.







Black Mask


Proud to say that I own three of these and I'm extremely happy that his family allowed me to keep them for my collection.

I miss you bro!

I knew Leroy, i allways referred to him as (mi cuate del grupo de los monitos) we shared love for customizing figures !!!  he was always the first to post a great comment on my custom figures, we gave each other tips to get more accurate results !!! i dont have any of his work but i made some for him, not only figures but cards for his customs !!!! and my last commmision couldn't be  delivered !!! , sorry for that MI AMIGO !!! one day we'll be customizing together and i will complete that last commission !!!

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